Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

The vision of the New Future Academy is to provide a community centered on empowering people with context, skills, and literacy for the challenges of the 21st century. (age of consequences). The Academy aims to prepare students so they are equipped with fundamental tools and resources needed to make the best choices while living in an unprecedented era.

Through collegiality and research, the Academy aims to address key issues via:

  • Literacy: Develop perspective and context
  • Action: Cultivate skills, decision making, and empowerment through understanding
  • Contribution: Identify and create resources
  • Solidarity: Supporting others as they grow and learn


Mission Statement

In pursuing the Vision, The Academy seeks to foster an environment and culture where individuals are able gain literacy and skills in salient issues, are encouraged and supported in their personal growth, and conduct research and educational projects on topics important to progress towards a new future.

Major topics include:

  • Modern Technology (Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Energy, Robotics)
  • Interpersonal Competence (Emotional Intelligence, Relational Literacy, Empathy, Support)
  • Historical Context & Trends, and Identification of salient or emerging influences that shape how our shared future unfolds.

Core Belief

The New Future Academy operates believing that unless a future course is intentionally innovated, mindful of our collective history, humanity’s fullest potential could be inhibited, and that without such mindfulness, our survival itself may be at risk.

We seek to achieve this through cultivating competence and awareness, as opposed to establishing a fixed process – so we focus on literacy and the ability to discern the best courses of actions. There is anticipation that new developments will continue to unfold, but also recognition that some things are obsolete, particularly in regard to exploitation or poor was humanity relates to itself.

Core Tenets

  • Efficiency: By developing skill and literacy,  resources can be channeled to create that which yields good fruit, rather than problem solve, put effort into mitigation, or leave issues unaddressed, falling to numbness or apathy.
  • Functions & Principles: By understanding the solution for one individual problem, all problems of its nature can be resolved or understood in a similar way.
  • Age of Consequences: We occupy a moment in time that is unprecedented in terms of what humanity has access to in terms of the context of its own history, the challenges it faces regarding planetary sustainability and the stress of global development, and the rapid advancement of technology and its related insight and influence.
  • Innovation as Survival: What the Academy focuses on would, hopefully, lend to a better world overall. It also would, hopefully, lend to humanity being able to avoid self-destructive habits and behaviors which dominate the status quo. Whichever version of that resonates with you most – go for it – but we acknowledge both are influences and possible motivations.