Welcome to the Delta Academy

“What can we identify as problematic or limiting, causing unnecessary suffering, and how do we discard it? What can we replace it with?”

“What do we need to get better at to facilitate our collective growth?”

“How can we support each other on their journey of discovery, understanding that hardship and struggle is a part of life, but realizing it is possible to be constructive and efficient in dealing with life’s challenges?”

After thinking about how to describe the Academy for months, I am considering the best way to refer to it is through questions, rather than stating what it is or is not. It is an idea, and it is a seeking.

Most personally, it is one person’s quest in pursuing these answers, which has led to the discovery of many other people on the same journey – and yes, even a broader sense of many generations of humans also being on that same journey.

Having written out more formulaic “statements” of vision or mission, such as:

Delta Academy operates believing that unless a future course is intentionally innovated, mindful of our collective history, humanity’s fullest potential could be inhibited, and that without such mindfulness, our survival itself may be at risk.

… there is a sense of institutionalization that isn’t quite applicable here.

The Academy, as a place to learn, to learn about how to build or contribute to a “New Future”, is in its most real terms, a journey that I’m on and I’m sharing with many other people. There are some deliverables in the works, such as some books, mostly primers, and essays, podcasts, and what not – but they all fall under this umbrella.

I appreciate your interest in this endeavor so far, and welcome your participation in it – either by actually engaging with me or The Academy via its many facets, or just finding something useful to you and exploring it.

Until next time

– Jesse


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